Welcome to our Club! – We are now on the Summer Schedule! Join us for weekly Wednesday evening sessions at the clubhouse on Teignmouth Beach. 6.00pm onwards. 

You should book yourself in for a beginners session here. Or let us know your ability. After the paddle we usually visit Dicey Reilly’s everyone is welcome.

Before you join us for an evening you should/could print out and complete a membership form. This will save time on the evening (You don’t have to actually join but we need the details anyway).

If you are planning to join us for Summer Sessions Please complete this form.

15th March Kingswear to Ashprington

Kingswear to Ashprington info sheet.  This is an official club trip: OK, I have sorted things out so I can run the trip. Thanks John Maw for offering to help!  So it's the Mother's day trip! - We can park for as long as we like in the Darthaven Marina Car park but you...

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Discount for members at South Coast Canoes

South Coast Canoes have offered a 15% discount for all members. Please call and tell them before you purchase online etc. See these notes.  Thank you for your reply. We can offer your members 15% off RRP on all purchases. For now it would be best to do this by orders...

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Zombie themed night paddle was a great success!

You had to be there! - But it was a great paddle - We decided to miss out the Teigngrace to Newton Town Quay section as the river was running fast. The Zombie Apocalypse (Or trip up the ZOMBIZE river) started at the Town Quay and twelve Zombies headed off at quite a...

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Eastcliffe Walk Teignmouth

Teignbridge Canoe Club Clubhouse