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A Very Warm Welcome

If you are looking to join a club to get tuition and help with your kayaking you won't find a more friendly and professional setup than The Teignbridge Canoe and Kayak Club. There are presently about 80 members of all ages and abilities.

Club Nights


Friday nights throughout the winter are club nights at the Dawlish Leisure Centre. Come along with your swimming gear and £5.00. We will provide a helmet, lifejacket, paddle and a kayak!

Meet at Dawlish Leisure centre at 8.45pm and finish at around 10.10pm.

Children will need their parents to come too but parents can sit and watch if they don't want to join in.


Throught the Summer we meet on Wednesday evenings at 6.15 at the Club House.

This is a picture of club members going through the gap at the Parson and Clerk on the way to Dawlish from Teignmouth.

A regular destination for evening adventures! - If you are lucky you might see the Seals or Dolphins... - Teignbridge Canoe Club 2011