How to join up!

If you wish to join, you will need to complete a membership form: Updated 09/10/2016


PDF Version – membership_form-issue-2 PDF

membership_form_page_2-issue-2 (This is the extra page for family info.).

PDF Version – membership_form_page_2-issue-2 PDF

Our our annual subscription rates are on the form or available here

For any information about the club, send an email to


Once your membership application is accepted you will be contacted by the Membership secretary who will grant your access to the website and sign you up to the mailing list. This will ensure you get to hear all the news and details of club events.

If you like you can also apply to join our Facebook group. Click here. This will help you to keep up to date with our events and see some pictures and videos.

Remember – Your Club membership card gives you 10% discount in AS Watersports, Kayaks and Paddles plus Cotswold Leisure.